By-Pass Fume Hood

The by-pass fume hood designed with an air inlet by-pass which bypasses the exhaust air when the sash is closed. This type of hood maintains a stable air balance in the lab space and does not increase face velocity as the sash is raised or closed. The by-pass mechanism is designed so that the by-pass remain closed until the hood sash is about two-third closed and then should be open progressively in proportion with sash travel to the fully closed position. As the sash is closed air entering the hood is redistributed. i.e, it enters from by-pass above the sash and below the sash. High velocity drafts that might upset the work inside the hood are avoided when the sash is partly closed. The hood can be operated safely by raising or closing the sash.

The hood exhaust volume and the room air balance essentially is unchanged even when the sash is fully closed. The by-pass hood operates at constant volume.

Standard Features
  • Epoxy Resin Cupsink a. left b. right
  • Cold Water Faucet
  • Gas Outlet
  • Air Outlet
  • Vacuum Outlet
Optional Features
  • Acid Storage Cabinet
  • Flammable storage Cabinet
  • Additional Service Fixtures
  • Exhaust Fan
  • Exhaust Fan Switch With Pilot Light
  • Double wall type fumehood superstructure. Exterior shell of 18 gauge zinc coated shell sheet in epoxy powder coated finish. Interior wall including baffle of Grade 1125 fiber reinforced thermoset resin sheet-White.
  • Sash enclosure to assure a leak free chamber.
  • By-pass grills on front panels.
  • Two tube fluorescent light fixture to generate 100 feet candles of illumination inside hood. Relamping can be done from outside of hood front.
  • Adjustable baffle slots at top and bottom. Bottom slots covered with epoxy powder coated stainless steel screed behind baffle.
Conventional Fume Hood